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Original Compositions & Songs
Listen to Catch The Westbound, Lucas Haneman Express's newest album on Spotify.
Lucas Haneman Express's "The Verdict" Official Music Video
Lucas Haneman Express - "Bring It Back" Official Music Video


A live take of an original song called "Real Love" off of "Welcome Aboard"! Huge thanks to Patrick Page for the great video work!


An acoustic version of "Walking a Fine Line" off of "Welcome Aboard".  Huge thanks to Nevill Carney for the Great Video Work.
Unconventional Covers
An original composition for 8 string guitar called "Full Circle". Again thanks to Nevill Carney!
A creative take on "Yellow Submarine" and "Get Lucky" performed with Marco Vezina.  This video highlights Pat Hawley's amazing guitars.
An Americana flavored version of "All Blues" performed live at the Brookstreet Hotel in Ottawa with Marc Decho and Michel Delage.
An improvisation performed with my Fender Strat, a bunch of pedals, and brilliant creative direction by Nevill Carney.
A laid back simplistic chord melody version of a classic Cyndi Lauper song, "Time After Time".
A blistering version of "Come Together" by the Beatles performed on one of Pat Hawley's amazing guitars and an electric mandolin.
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