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About The Lucas Haneman Express

The Lucas Haneman Express is a soulful, fun filled and electrifying musical ride.  The groups front man, Lucas Haneman, has long been widely regarded for his distinctive and explosive guitar work. With Megan Laurence (vocals), Martin Newman (bass), & Val Nehovora (drums), Haneman has found his true means of self-expression, with a one of a kind sound drenched in the blues.

LHE's latest album "Catch The Westbound" shows a deep, all be it unique connection to the blues tradition, with gritty passionate material (mixed by legindary producer Brian Moncarz from Toronto).  "Catch The Westbound" has been receiving universally positive attention from both fans and music critics from around the world.). The album has been receiving a great deal of airplay, and has had numerous appearances on the "top 50 Canada Album Chart Roots Music Report" throughout 2019, cracking the top 5 shortly after its release.


Watch our Latest Video: The Verdict

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